1. Where are you guys based?

We are based in Singapore. 

2. What is the currency for the website?

Singapore Dollars (SGD). For currency conversions, please refer here.

3. Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do! 


1. Where do I update my personal account, billing/ shipping addresses?

Please click My Account at the top navigation bar to edit your details.


1. How do I estimate shipping costs?

Please refer to Shipping for shipping costs.

You can view delivery cost estimates on your cart. Please note the following during check out:

CART TOTALS is not the real shipping costs as shipping costs are variable depending on the shipping location. To check delivery costs, click Calculate Shipping. Select your country and enter your postal code, and your shipping costs will be updated accordingly before you click check out.

When you check out, you will have to confirm your shipping method again. Hope this helps! If you encounter any problem, please feel free to mail us at kay@twentysixnails.com.


1. I tried to check out but the cart says nothing! Help!

This is possibly due to website errors. We have a back up form for you to fill in with your order.

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